WineAround in Bra

Bra – Movicentro – P.zza Carabinieri Caduti a Nassirya (near the train station)

Friday 18th october – 18:00-24:00

Saturday 19th october – 16:00-24:00 – Sunday 20th october – 12:00-22:00

Admission to the event is FREE, wine and craft beer tastings and WineAround menu dishes can be paid through tasting packages and tokens purchased at the ticket office of the event or in advance, to take advantage of the offers.


The “coin” of WineAround is represented by the tasting tokens that can be purchased from the cashier. The tokens allow you to taste the wines and craft beers present and to buy the dishes of the menu of WineAround.

1 token has a value of 2 € and allows 1 tasting of 10 cl for wines (5 cl for desserts) and 15 cl for craft beers (2 tokens 30 cl).

For some wines of particular value, 2/3 tokens may be required for a tasting. There are also special packages that allow the free tasting (to a lesser extent) of all the wines present and include a voucher for the purchase of bottle of wines for sale (only for take-away).

The dishes on the menu vary from 2 to 4 tokens each.


(valid for wines, craft beers and menu dishes)

1 token

2,00 €

5 tokens

10 €

+ 1 free wine tasting for the wines of Enoteca Italia / Sparkling Star


To access the wine tastings you must purchase one of the following packages, which include the glass of the event and the glass holder pocket.

Base Package


  • Glass
  • Glass holder pocket
  • 1 tasting token

Intermediate Package


  • Glass
  • Glass holder pocket
  • 4 tasting tokens

Tasting route


  • Glass
  • Glass holder pocket
  • Free tasting of all the wines
  • Voucher for the value of 5 €

2 days subscription


  • Glass
  • Glass holder pocket
  • Free tasting of all the wines
  • Voucher for the value of 8 €

3 days subscription


  • Glass
  • Glass holder pocket
  • Free tasting of all the wines
  • Voucher for the value of 10 €

10% discount on tasting packages with glass, on the tasting route and on subscriptions for members of FoodAround – Ais – Aspi – Fis – Fisar – Onav – Slow Food – Touring Club Italiano. and for students from UNISG and ITS Agroalimentare

1 token corresponds to 1 tasting
– 10 cl for the wines (5 cl for raisin wines)
For some wines of particular value, you may need 2/3 tokens for 1 tasting

The tasting route allows you to freely taste all the wines present with a reduced amount of service. Exhibitors may only allow one tasting for each label to be tasted.
It also includes a voucher to buy bottles of wine from the exhibitors of the wine area.


Tastings of craft beers have to be paid with tasting tokens and it is not necessary to have the glass.


The dishes on the WineAround menu have to be paid with tasting tokens, which can then be used both for wine and beer tastings and for the gastronomic part. The value of each dish in tokens will be displayed at the cashier’s desk.


The drinks of the bar service (water/coffee/Molecola) can be purchased and picked up directly at the cash desk.